Saturday, March 17, 2012

What If You Never Accomplish a Thing

Is it any wonder that we cannot accept grace?
 I am beginning to wonder if it really is a blessing to be born a North American. All the advantages at my fingertips. I probably wont ever be homeless or starving.
I probably will always have health care for me and my children.
I probably will always have electricity, heat, ac, internet, tv, phones, clothes, shoes, any food I want.
I have spent thousands of dollars on my entertainment.
I can pursue an education from the time I am an infant until I am dead.
I have every advantage I need.
Therefore I should be perfect.

Well, maybe perfect is too strong.
Excellent. No limitations. No obstacles. No excuses. No pain no gain. No room for second place.
Good isn’t good enough.
Get the “A” in order to get the GPA. Get the GPA to get the scholarship.
Get the scholarship to get the degree. Get the degree to get the job. Get the job to get the money.
Get the money to get the power.

This makes me tired.
Not that I don’t like order and success. But really…everyday, in every aspect of life?

Perfect: education, job, car, house, spouse, kids, social life, spiritual life, retirement, death… oh, and you better look young and healthy while you do it all.

Christians are different. They don’t demand perfection. They accept.

 If only!

The Church seemingly has bought into the exact same North American definition of success. Bigger, slicker, smarter church is what people need. Make it appealing, easy, and comfortable and they will come. Study your demographics, target the people who will grow the ministry, give them what they need to make church fit into their lifestyle, and they will come.
And the more the better.

Was that the purpose?
Was religion the intention?
A Christian “lifestyle” that can be marketed and created and nurtured through more and more “stuff” (media, music and coffee)

I just want to find rest for my soul.

I want someone who loves me if I never get a degree or a scholarship. I want to be respected if I never live in a tony neighborhood or drive a shiny new car. I want to be forgiven without my offering being counted.

Captured Words Photography: Samuel D Burton

North Americans ask, “Why is God so real to Believers in Africa or South America…and not here?”
Why indeed.

Perhaps because He is the God who loves you truly madly deeply

                                                              if you never ever accomplish a thing.

                                                               That is the Jesus I fell in love with.

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