Monday, December 31, 2012



Outside everything was easy to identify
Pleasant words
Easily traced the outline
everyone could see

One dimension
flat and shiny
She thought it once mattered
But it was worthless at the end of the day

Digging through the flesh
Cutting open the superficial
There was bedrock of

Above everything
Black and white
But she didn’t know if it had any value after all

She wasn’t made of pretty
She wasn’t only smiles and perfection
She wanted to find mercy and grace
But like the curves of a medieval angel
There were none inside her thin heart

She thought fairness was enough
Wasn’t justice His heart?
Her soul had never been parted from His
She ached to be apart from Him

But the shiny package was empty inside
All she had to give was
A whip that drove her
To uphold fairness at all costs.

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