Monday, December 31, 2012

The Web

I walked through autumn
the colors enchanted me
shining through a weakening sun
I was swept into the wood
Wandering through a rain of leaves
as I walked I spoke with my lord
exchanging pleasantries about the day
but soon a silken web wound about me
entangling delicately a sparkling silver  restraint
unable to go on I paused to be free

apprehended  as I was
I knew in my soul it was His desire to stop me so
apprehended by my lord
in gentle silken bands
of yearning and  mercy
caught in the tender trap of his love and call

apprehend me my lord
catch me away from myself and my intentions
capture me and hold me until the stillness is within my soul
and I am sure of the way to continue
hold me until I am subdued
at peace

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